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Robotics lexicon

  • robot station/cell: robot plus its work environment
  • reference frame: helps you place objects in the 3D space with respect to the robot or other objects; RGB arrows → XYZ axis
  • coordinates: 6 parameters, XYZ and orientation (yaw, pitch and roll)
  • TCP (Tool Center Point): you want to move the tool (or end-effector) in a desired position with a desired orientation (in a word in a desired pose)
  • tool reference frame: reference frame centered in the TCP; makes it easier to define the desired pose
  • nested reference frames: the TCP reference frame is defined with respect to the flange reference frame which is defined with respect to the robot base reference frame which is defined with respect to the station reference frame
  • inverse kinematic: calculate how to move (or jog) the robot axes in order to reach a target
  • off-line programming: simulating and programming the robot on a PC instead than in the work environment
  • end-effector: a tool attached at the and of the robot to perform a specific task (gripper, welder, etc.)
  • robot flange: where you attach the tool to the robot
  • payload: maximum weight
  • reach: maximum distance
  • accuracy: how closely a robot can reach a commanded position
  • repeatability: how well the robot will return to a programmed position
  • waypoint: TCP target point which is part of a path
  • auto-learning: teaching targets after manually moving the robot to the desired pose
  • teach pendant: handeld device used to control the robot
  • cobot: collaborative robot that can be used safely side by side with people
  • delta robot: fast, low inertia, 4DOF robot
  • SCARA robot: accurate, simple and fast 4 DOF robot
  • path: trajectory of the TCP, it can be straight (when needed) or curved
  • axis singularity: a configuration that should be avoided because the robot could be blocked in certain directions and joint velocities could be very high
  • collision: unintended contact with an object
  • controller: electronic device powering the robot and interfacing it with other devices
  • DOF: degrees of freedom, number of axes of a robot or number of independent motions
  • target: coordinates of a point to be reached by the end-effector
  • roll, pitch, yaw: rotation around x, y, z axes
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